ICC WTC Final: The day I lose urge to learn more, I will quit Cricket, says R Ashwin

ICC WTC Final: The day I lose urge to learn more, I will quit Cricket, says R Ashwin

ICC WTC Final: The day I lose urge to learn more, I will quit Cricket, says R Ashwin.

ICC WTC Final: Team India’s decorated off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin has always been on top of his game and has regularly induced new techniques, skills into his arsenal which help him to perform consistently and the moment he becomes satisfied and he loses his urge to learn something new and more, he will quit cricket, says the spinner himself.

Having scalped over 400 test wickets for India, Ashwin is always a go-to man for any skipper regardless of the conditions and situations. 

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“The beauty about Test cricket is you are always aspiring to be perfect, but you can settle for excellence, so that’s pretty much I think I do. I think whatever I have achieved so far in my career is because of that attitude, did not settle for anything, constantly looking to improve,” Ashwin told ICC during the ongoing ICC World Test Championship final in Southampton.

“I maintained that if I don’t like doing different things and if I lose the patience to do something new or get satisfied, then I might not play the sport anymore,” said the off-spinner.

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Ashwin, talking about the adulation he gets from his supporters, reckons that he doesn’t really look back to his performances and dwells them and is the type of person who finds peace in just playing cricket.

“I don’t really read or dwell on my performances, to be very honest. To be brutally honest, I just hate the fact that I am who I am because of what I do. In India, you get a lot of adulation, but I am just another normal person who finds peace and happiness playing the sport.”

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The off-spinner further said that he doesn’t love to be amid the controversies however if poked he definitely gives it back.

“It’s not like that I enjoy controversy, but I enjoy a fight and that pretty much sums up why I am here. I don’t celebrate victories as much as I ideally should because, for me, victory is an incident and is coincidental to planning and practice. I sit and think about what can be better,” he concluded.

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