Cricket Stadium

The 2022 Asia Cup saw six teams battle it in the T20 format, where Sri Lanka swooped the title for the sixth time off 15 Asia Cup appearances. The growing number of participating countries sees the tournament’s goals achieved by bringing together Asian countries united under the Asian Cricket Council.

The mission of the Asian Cup is the promotion of goodwill between Asian countries through cricket. In the latest tournament, teams played in the T20 format which is one of three formats played in cricket. Of the lot, this format is the younger format is full of action and has been well received by a youthful crowd.

Best things to know about cup cricket

Asia Cup national teams are some of the fiercest found on the international circuit. They are responsible for some of the most memorable gameplays in history and breathtaking endings. This has guided interest in the upcoming T20 Asia cup by both avid and casual fans. 

The number of teams may have been limited through the years, but the next Asia Cup may just see an increase in the number of participating teams leading to the finals.


Leading teams

The four dominating teams with the most appearances are India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan. India has the leading with the most Asia Cup wins. 

Hong Kong and Afghanistan qualified for the 2022 games, with Sri Lanka coming out victorious and the title holder. The next tournament already has five teams qualifying, leaving three spots open for the next tournament.

Alternating formats

Alternating between the ODI and T20i formats, the Cup tournament becomes a practice run for teams for the ICC ODI and T20i World Cups later in the year.

T20i matches are known for their furious and fast-paced bowling, achieving high batting and run scores. ODI are just as fast, but because of their extended over can last up to 9 hours, whereas T20 can last up to 4 hours. 

ODI characteristic distinctions

  • There are 50 overs, with each bowler from a team bowling a maximum of ten overs.
  • The ball can be changed numerous times during an ODI match when the umpire deems the while ball dirty and is visually restricted.
  • Fielding can change based on the number of overs which have been played allowing a team to employ an attack and defensive fielding stance towards the end of the over.

T20 characteristic distinctions

  • There are just 20 overs played and each bowler can only bowl for 4 overs each.
  • If a game concludes in a tie, an extra over will be played until a winner is decided. This will be repeated until a decisive winner has been declared.
  • Not more than five fielders can be on the led side at any time.


The Asia Cup for men and woman have been dominated by the Indian cricket teams dominating with the most wins since the Cups’ inceptions.

The decision to alternate between ODI and T20 formats means national teams will have to change their team participants with every tournament. This makes it one of the most inclusive tournaments that give the most talented players opportunity to participate based on their strengths.