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TATA IPL 2022 Prize Money: How much money will the Winners get?

In this article, we discuss how much prize money IPL 2022's winner will get and we also compare it with the previous seasons.

The Indian Premier League is one of the highest grossing sports leagues in the world right now. Despite cricket being a sport that is relished by only some nations in the world, the IPL has risen the ranks among major sports leagues in the last few years due to the insane amount of viewership it gets every year. 

IPL 2022

IPL 2022 Title has been won by Gujrat Titans (GT).

Title Winner (Gujrat Titans): 20 Crore Rupees.

Runners up (Rajasthan Royals): 13 Crore Rupees.

Although IPL is played for only around 2-3 months in a year unlike the other sports leagues like NBA, NFL and UEFA Champions League that go on for a much longer period, the number of views an average IPL match gets is much more than the other leagues and thus it’s profits are only growing with time. In fact, it is a matter of time before it overtakes all the other leagues to stay at the very top of all the big money making sports leagues. 

With time as the numbers of IPL is growing, the players are also getting a much improved paycheck and with it, the prize money assigned to the tournament is also increasing. There is a significantly huge difference between the prize money that was given in the very first edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL 2008) and the one that was given in the last IPL (IPL 2021). This shows how much the league has grown with time monetarily. 

In this article, we shall be discussing the Prize Money that IPL 2022 Winners will get and we shall compare that to the previous years to further analyse the topic. 

How Much money will IPL 2022 Winner get

According to reports, the winning team of IPL 2022 shall be receiving a hefty amount of 20 Crore Rupees. The runners up team will get 13 Crore rupees, the team who finishes third (Qualifier 2 loser) will receive 7 crore rupees and the team that finishes fourth will receive 6.5 Crore rupees. 

Apart from these, there are several other awards in the Indian Premier League like the Orange Cap award, Purple Cap award, etc. The Purple Cap award and Orange Cap award and Super Striker of the season award winners will get 15 lakhs each. The emerging award winner will get the highest individual prize money which is 20 Lakh rupees. The 4 other awards are namely the Crack it sixes of the season award, Power Player of the season award, Most valuable player and the game-changer of the season award. 

The Individual awards and their respective prize money for all of them have been listed down below. 

AwardPrize Money (in rupees)
Purple Cap (Yuzvendra Chahal) winner15 Lakhs
Orange cap (Jos Buttler) winner15 Lakhs
Super Striker (Dinesh Karthik) of the season15 Lakhs
Crack it sixes of the season (Jos Buttler)12 Lakhs
Power player of the season (Jos Buttler)12 Lakhs
Most valuable player (Jos Buttler)12 Lakhs
Game changer of the season (Jos Buttler)12 Lakhs
Emerging player (Umran Malik)20 Lakhs

Comparison with Previous Seasons 

The following list contains the prize money of all the IPL seasons that have been played so far:-

  1. IPL 2008 – 4.8 crore 
  2. IPL 2009 – 6 crore
  3. IPL 2010 – 8 crore
  4. IPL 2011 – 10 crore
  5. IPL 2012 – 10 crore
  6. IPL 2013 – 10 crore
  7. IPL 2014 – 15 crore
  8. IPL 2015 – 15 crore
  9. IPL 2016 – 20 crore
  10. IPL 2017 – 15 crore
  11. IPL 2018 – 20 crore
  12. IPL 2019 – 20 crore
  13. IPL 2020 – 10 crore
  14. IPL 2021 – 20 crore

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