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‘Sudhar Jao Yaar,’ Said Shami To Ex-Pakistani Players For Ball-Changing Controversy


‘Sudhar Jao Yaar,’ Said Shami To Ex-Pakistani Players For Ball-Changing Controversy: India hosted the 2023 World Cup, and it was an incredible month and a half of cricket. India did a great job hosting the World Cup. The Indian squad emerged as the most impressive team in this World Cup, which some ex-Pakistani players could not comprehend. Mohammed Shami has slammed former Pakistani cricketer Hasan Raza for bizarre remarks against the Indian cricket team.

Hasan Raza and a few other former Pakistani cricket players were discovered asserting that the Indian team has been receiving favors from the ICC. Speaking on a Pakistani show, he asserted that the ICC gave the Indian team a separate set of balls that is doing more in the air and that the BCCI enabled the Indian team to do better with the ball than the other teams competing in the ODI World Cup 2023.

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Sensational Shami took 7 wickets in a World Cup semifinal (Associate Press)

Raza was found quoting, “We are seeing that when they are batting, they bat really well, and suddenly the ball starts doing things when India bowls. There have been 7-8 close DRS calls that have gone in their favor.”

The way Siraj and Shami were swinging the ball, it seemed like the ICC or the BCCI were giving them different and suspicious balls in the second innings. There needs to be an inspection done on the ball. There could also be an extra layer of coating on the ball for swing,” he added.

Many in the cricket community found Raza’s remarks “ridiculous,” while most were just surprised by them. Wasim Akram, a former fast bowler for Pakistan, refuted the claims and went to great lengths to explain how teams are assigned match balls and how bowlers may select balls from a predetermined set that match officials bring onto the fields.

Reacting to Raza’s remark, Shami wrote a post on the social media platform Instagram in the middle of the season and said that Raza should have some shame. Now, after the conclusion of the World Cup 2023, an exclusive show with Shami is out on PUMA’s official YouTube channel where he spoke about the matter.

He said, “I never get jealous. If you learn to enjoy the success of others, you will become an even better player. I pray that all the players come and perform well. The one almighty is the giver.”

“When I was playing in the World Cup, I took 5 wickets in the first match, then 4 wickets and again 5 wickets. Some Pakistani players are not able to digest this, so what should I do? Because in their mind they are the best. Brother, the best is the one who performs on time for the team.

You are creating controversies with that you are getting a ball of some other color, from some other company, and ICC has given you some other ball. (Sudhar Jao yaar) Get better man,” Shami said.

In an interview, Wasim bhai (Wasim Akram) explained it, and helped them understand clearly how the balls are being allocated, and how bowlers can choose them. Even after that? I can understand if someone who has not played the game at the level talks like this. But you are an ex-player and if you talk like this, I don’t think people will do anything other than laugh it off,” he concluded.

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