Shahrukh Khan to invest in major T20 League in American Cricket Enterprise (ACE)

Shahrukh Khan to invest in major T20 League in American Cricket Enterprise (ACE)

Shahrukh Khan to invest in major T20 League in American Cricket Enterprise (ACE).  Kolkata Knight Riders long term goals for the American T20 League. Shahrukh Khan to invest in major T20 League in American Cricket Enterprise (ACE).

American Cricket Enterprise (ACE):

The major development coming up for the cricketing world as Shahrukh Khan to invest in the major T20 League in America. Kolkata Knight Riders and all stakeholders are keen on investing in the American Cricket Enterprise (ACE) as the US plans to launch the T20 league in 2022.

The partnership between KKR stakeholders and American Cricket Enterprise will include financial investments and expertise to launch and help ACE develop the major T20 Leagues in America.

Along with KKR co-owner Juhi Chawla and her husband Jay Mehta, Khan will provide the investments in the American Cricket Enterprise (ACE).

Shahrukh Khan on ACE:

For several years now, we have been making the Knight Riders brand globally and expanding it. There is a huge potential for T20 Cricket in the U.S. and we are closely watching it. We are convinced that Major League Cricket has all the pieces in place to execute its plans and we look forward to making our partnership an enormous success in the coming years,” Khan said in a statement.

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King Khan also mentioned about the consumption of Cricket in the US. Cricket is not a major sport in the country till now but it has great potential to enter the market.

Even though Cricket is not a mainstream sport in America, but the following for the game in the country is so strong that it leaves behind main Cricketing countries in the consumption.”

American Cricket Enterprise will be involving with the top international players from the host country and all around the globe. The main focus will be on developing a homegrown player-pool from the country and the league.

Kolkata Knight Riders hold a large expansion in terms of franchises. It owns a franchise in Carrebian Premier League (CPL) named as Trinbago Knight Riders. KKR has won two trophies in the IPL while TKR has won four titles in the six editions of CPL.

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CEO American Cricket Enterprise (ACE):

Vijay Srinivasan CEO of American Cricket Enterprise (ACE) talked about the facts and figures according to the researched data. The country has a good passionate following of the game and will expand as the T20 League is inaugurated in 2022.

There is a passionate following of Cricket all across the US. We have granular data on the audience, which has helped us guide our plans for the Key markets. Our data includes over 15-20 million fans with over four million regular viewers of the sport on our partner Willow TV.

“The US is the third or fourth-largest market for Cricket media rights, anchored with large communities with background from the Indian-subcontinent, the Carrebian and major cricket playing countries,” he added.

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