Qatar FIFA World Cup

The Qatar FIFA World Cup has given us many gems and has also given us many moments to cherish. We have already witnessed many amazing games, with the best yet to come. France, Argentina, Croatia, and Morocco have managed to make it to the last 4. The tournament has had many underrated performers as well. These are players who do not have a big name but have made a huge impact. These players play different positions and have different specialties. Here is a look: 

1) Dominik Livakovic is underrated in the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022: 

Qatar FIFA World Cup
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Dominik Livakovic is the Croatian goalkeeper who has taken them through from 2 penalty kick-offs. Livakovic will get the big bucks in this January Transfer window. He is currently playing for Zagreb. Dominik has shown his true potential in these games. Livakovic is a strong wall. His reflexes are great, and he has a strong ability to predict a penalty. His performance has changed the tides of the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022.

2) Sofyan Amrabat is underrated in the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022: 

Sofyan Amrabat is easily a 90 million CDM. If not 90, he is worth more. He is one of the top players for Morocco this season. He has the unreal ability to win the ball back in no time. He keeps nagging the opposition attackers by mere presence and once the ball is won, he doesn’t leave the ball till he finds a safe space. His dribbling skills are above average too. He might also get a big contract this January transfer window. Amrabat is one player who has bought the African flavor to the Qatar FIFA World Cup.

3) Jamal Musiala: 

Qatar FIFA World Cup

Jamal Musiala was supremely underrated as his team did not perform well as a whole. He was one of the top midfielders in the tournament. But Germany struggled as he looked like a lone warrior on the pitch. Jamal has good ball control and also has good vision. His age gives him an added advantage. He completed 19 dribbles in just one game against Japan. This speaks volumes of his talent.  

4) Takehiro Tomiyasu: 

Takehiro Tomiyasu is a beast. He was an unbeatable wall for the Japanese. He made use of all of his Premier League experience. With the help of that, he took Japan to the first-ever quarter-finals. They also managed to beat Germany and have a clean sheet against them from open play.  

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