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FIFA World Cup 2022: List of Managers of Top Teams. All You Need to Know. 

The FIFA World Cup 2022 has given us many memories. We have seen some of the top teams go down to some very mediocre ones. But it was the spirit and the potential of the so-called “mediocre” teams that got them through. Saudi Arabia beat Argentina, Japan beat Germany, Korea beat Portugal, and Cameroon defeated Brazil. A manager plays a very important role in every team. It is the manager who sets the tempo of the game. One can never forget how Pep Guardiola transformed Barcelona or how Mourinho transformed FC Porto. Here is a look at the managers of the top teams: 

FIFA World Cup 2022
IMG SRC: French Football

Tite was the Manager of Brazil in the FIFA World Cup 2022: 

Tite was the manager of the Brazil national football team in the FIFA World Cup 2022. Post the loss against Croatia and after the loss to Cameroon, he has been sacked. Tite showed amazing gameplay with the team he had. He had many superstars to manage and he managed them well. The likes of Neymar, Vinicius Jr, and Thiago Silva are all high-profile players and to get them to play along with such great chemistry is a big task.  

Luis Enrique was the Manager of Spain in the FIFA World Cup 2022: 

FIFA World Cup 2022
IMG SRC: Spain Football

Luis Enrique, the former manager of Barcelona and of the Spain national team has also been sacked. Enrique was heavily criticized for dropping Sergio Ramos who happens to be one of the senior and one of the most experienced campaigners for Spain. Enrique’s Spain got knocked out by Morocco when the game went to penalties. Post this match, there was a strong agitation in the football community of Spain and hence Enrique was sacked.  

Didier Deschamps is the Manager of France: 

Didier Deschamps is one hell of a guy. After France was out of the Euros very early, he was significantly criticized. But if there is a man who can manage that French team which is filled with so many Superstars it has to be Deschamps. Deschamps has led a French team with many strong individuals and more than anything else, he is good at leadership.  

Louis Van Gaal is the Manager of the Netherlands: 

FIFA World Cup 2022
IMG SRC: Netherlands Football

Louis Van Gaal, a former manager of the Red Devils is managing the Netherlands for an interim season. Van Gaal was the same manager who made the iconic “Tim Krul” substitution in the 2014 World Cup. That very substitution took them to the semi-finals. That has to be one of the most terrific decisions of Van Gaal’s career. Van Gaal joined the men in orange just before the FIFA World Cup 2022 and did a great job. He found a gem in the form of Denzel Dumfries. 

Lionel Scaloni is the Manager of Argentina: 

Scaloni is managing Argentina. He is doing a great job. While picking the team itself, players were chosen on merit. The only criteria while selecting was whether the player has a great game or not. From the Italian Serie A to the Turkish League, players were picked from every club. Scaloni has managed a great player like Messi alongside fresher players like De Paul and Acuna.  

Gareth Southgate is the Manager of England in the FIFA World Cup 2022: 

FIFA World Cup 2022
IMG SRC: England Team

Gareth Southgate was one guy who was under a lot of scrutinies. It is the depth of the English footballing talent that got him into trouble. Any team that he would be picking was eventually going to be criticized as someone or the other had to miss. Gareth has managed the team well. He has ensured a good balance of youth and experience. In attack, the experience is bought by Harry Kane and Sterling while the free spirit is bought by Bellingham and Saka. In defense Shaw and Maguire bring the experience.  

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