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ODI Cricket is dying and it is under immense scrutiny. The lack of relevance in ODI cricket is the reason for the same. How will ICC counter this? Does cricket require the ODI format? Well, the answer to the second question is definitely yes. ODI Cricket is a part of the history and the legacy of the game. Test cricket involves a batter playing on the first gear or at the max the second gear. T20 is slam-bang. But in the One Day game, you have to bat and hold on to the 3rd or 4th gear. Here is an in-depth look at the same and solutions to add relevance to the ODI game: 

Multinational Tournaments Will Add Relevance to the ODI Game: 

Multinational tournaments will add a lot of fun and relevance to ODI Cricket. When was the last time that India participated in a tri-series? It was way back in 2013 after winning the champions trophy. The Asia Cup was last played in 2018. Multinational tournaments will also add fun because you see the best of contests.  

Virat Kohli was once asked by Danish Sait on the RCB podcast about what makes the IPL interesting? Kohli answered by saying that it brings a new contestant in every game. This can also be replicated in multination tournaments. The NatWest trophy was an exciting tournament. Maybe India, Australia, England, and Pakistan can have a quadrangular series.  

ODI Cricket Will Improve with a Single New Ball and Reverse Swing will Come In: 

ODI Cricket
The last time when reverse swing was on display was back in 2009! IMG SRC: Eurosport

Earlier only one ball was used in ODI Cricket. But now two new balls are used, one from each end. This was done because at times the white ball used to soften by the end of the innings and it would lead to low-scoring games. But that has removed the contest entirely. Reverse swing is a form of art that is dying because of the two new balls.  

The last time we saw a reverse swing in the white-ball game was way back in 2009. Earlier, at least in the last 10 overs on an innings, we saw this amazing skill. Shoaib Akhtar has openly criticized the fact that the ICC has killed reverse swing. 

ODI Cricket Will Improve with Exhibition Games: 

Over the years, the ICC had organized Aisa XI games and Africa XI games. There were games of the World XI taking on Australia in their prime. These exhibition matches promoted the game to the audience. This along with many charity games can help the sport grow. Charity games will also help a social cause. We can have matches between the legends of the game as well.  

To conclude I’d say that the management of the ICC has dynamic and smart individuals. They already will have a plan in place to keep alive this unique form of sport.  

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