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Men and Women’s Team set to get equal prize money in ICC World Cups


Men and Women’s Team set to get equal prize money in ICC World Cups: In a milestone decision, the International Cricket Council (ICC) on Thursday confirmed that the Men and Women’s Cricket Team will receive equal prize money in the ICC-sponsored events held across the world. The development was made at the ICC Annual Conference held in Durham.

The decision to bring the prize money of Men’s and Women’s Cricket to the same level was a step to achieve prize money parity, for which 2030 was fixed as the deadline.

With this landmark decision, all the teams (Men and Women) competing in the ICC events in all corners of the world will receive an equal sum of money at every step. The prize distribution structure in the two comparable ICC events between Men and Women will have no difference.

ICC chairman Greg Barclay was delighted with the significant move and said the women cricketers will be rewarded equally to men now in the comparable ICC tournaments.

“This is a significant moment in the history of our sport and I am delighted that men’s and women’s cricketers competing at ICC global events will now be rewarded equally,” ICC Chairman Greg Barclay said.

“Since 2017 we have increased prize money at women’s events every year with a clear focus on reaching equal prize money and from here on in, winning the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup will carry the same prize money as winning the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup and the same for T20 World Cups and U19s too,” he added.

“Cricket is genuinely a sport for all and this decision from the ICC Board reinforces that and enables us to celebrate and value every single player’s contribution to the game equally.”

The prize money for Women’s ICC events is on the rise since 2017. The reward for ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup was increased from $2 Million in 2017 to $3.5 Million in 2022.

Furthermore, an increase of five times in the prize pool for winners and runner-ups of the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup 2020 and 2023 was seen as ICC hiked the prize money.

Celebrating the move, BCCI secretary Jay Shah, who was also present in the meeting, took to Twitter to applaud the effort to achieve prize money parity in both Men and Women’s tournaments.

He wrote,” Start of a new dawn. An era of equality and empowerment. I am thrilled to announce that a major step towards gender parity & inclusivity has been undertaken. The prize money at all @ICC events will be the same for men & women. Together we grow. I thank my fellow Board members for their support in helping achieve this important endeavour. Let’s work towards a future where cricket continues to thrive across the globe.”

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For more details head to ICC’s official website.

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