Lionel Messi PSG
It is more than certain that Lionel Messi will part ways with PSG this season.

Lionel Messi is set to leave PSG post this season. This decision was conveyed to the Paris Saint-Germain management by his father around a month ago. After Messi left for a Saudi Arabia trip without informing the management, he was enforced with a two-week suspension from the PSG facilities. He is not even permitted to use the training facilities or even the accommodation. This has further restrained the relationship between the legend and the club. Here is an in-depth look: 

Lionel Messi Set to Leave PSG Post the 2022-2023 Season: 

After having one great season with the club in France, he is set to part ways. The reason is the strained relationship with the club management. Lionel Messi was off on a vacation in Saudi Arabia. The reason for the vacation is yet to be known but it is said that Messi might be in touch with one of the top Arabian clubs as well. Just like Cristiano Ronaldo, he may opt for playing in Saudi Arabia.  

Lionel Messi Trip
Messi was having a good time in Saudi Arabia with his family. IMG SRC: Instagram

Keeping this in mind he was slammed with a two-week suspension from the PSG environment. This means that Messi was not allowed to take to the training field, the gym, or any of the other training and accommodative facilities. This suspension meant that Messi will miss two Ligue 1 games for PSG. One being their game against Troyes and the other being the game against Ajaccio.  

Is Messi to Comeback to Barcelona? 

There are rumors around that Lionel Messi is expected to be signed by FC Barcelona. But many other theories contradict the same. FC Barcelona does not have the finances required to hire Messi. They do not have the finances to further give to the La Liga management to register Messi as a player for their first team.  

Al Hilal is one team from Saudi Arabia which was interested to sign Messi. Signing these global stars in the Saudi league is bringing the league as well as the nation a lot of brand value. The viewership of the Saudi League has skyrocketed post Cristiano Ronaldo moving to Al Nassr. A similar case can be expected with Lionel Messi. Al Hilal also has the money required to sign someone as senior as Messi.

Lionel Messi
Messi has always rocked in the red and blue colored jersey of FC Barcelona. IMG SRC: FCB

MLS opportunities will also be on his cards. Messi’s tie-up with the Saudi club is more relevant as he is the brand ambassador for the tourism of Saudi Arabia. The country of Saudi Arabia has various lucrative projects and signing Lionel Messi for one of the clubs can be a part of the same.  

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