KKR vs RCB: Watch Furious Virat Kohli Confronting Umpires after given OUT on a Full-Toss Delivery
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KKR vs RCB: Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB) batter Virat Kohli was, seemingly, furious and livid over the umpire’s decision to adjudge him out in the game against KKR vs RCB. The fixture was no less than a drama as it unfolded and eventually went in favour of the home side by a mere 1 run in the final delivery of the innings. However, what caught everyone’s attention was Virat Kohli’s dismissal, which sparked a controversy in social media.

Kohli faced KKR’s Harshit Rana in the first delivery of the third over when the entire episode happened during the second innings. Rana delivered a high full-toss and Kohli couldn’t properly judge it. The batter couldn’t time it and the ball popped in the air back to Harshit Rana, who comfortably took the catch, claiming Virat Kohli for a caught and bowled wicket.

To the naked eye, the delivery looked above the waist height and Virat immediately reviewed it. The decision was transferred to the TV Umpire, Michael Gough, who thought the ball would eventually go under the waist height and made a decision in favour of the bowling side.

The TV umpire used the hawk-eye technology to track the trajectory of the ball, which came to be above the waist height when Virat Kohli was at his stance outside the popping crease. However, it was inferred that the ball would eventually dip and would have been below the waist height, had Virat Kohli been inside the popping crease.

The TV Umpire decided that it was a legitimate delivery and ruled out any possibility of it being a No-Ball. Subsequently, Virat Kohli was given Out, for a caught and bowled in the 2.1 overs in a big chase of 222 runs against KKR.

Kohli, however, looked dissatisfied with the decision by the umpires. He looked livid and incensed as he walked back to the dugout but not before confronting the umpires and giving a mouthful to them.

Virat went close to the two on-field umpires in rage, who were having a chat with RCB captain Faf du Plessis. The RCB batter expressed his anger and frustration over the decision and walked back to the dressing room.

Below is the video:

KKR vs RCB: Virat Kohli’s RCB lose by 1 run

KKR defeated RCB by 1 run | Image: IPLT20

The game went ahead post Virat Kohli’s dismissal in the powerplay. RCB did well to keep up with the scoring rate against KKR. The likes of Will Jacks and Rajat Patidar scored crucial half-centuries to keep the ball rolling in the high-scoring chase of 222 runs.

RCB got a brilliant partnership to bring back their innings on track following a couple of early dismissals. However, things got out of hand for the visitors following the wickets of Ratidar and Will Jacks.

KKR kept picking wickets as the game progressed to the end. RCB required 21 runs off the final over to win the game with Karn Sharma in the middle.

To put the game in the balance, Karn smoked three sixes in the first four deliveries to reduce the equation to 3 runs in 2 deliveries against KKR’s Mitchell Starc. However, Starc dismissed Karn Sharma in the very next delivery.

RCB now required three runs to win the fixture in the last ball, or two runs to enforce a super over. They had Lokie Ferguson in the middle, who could only score 1 run in the final ball, before getting run out while sprinting for the second run and RCB lost the game by a mere 1 run.

Notably, this is RCB’s sixth straight loss in the IPL 2024. They sink further in the IPL 2024 Points Table following the loss against KKR.

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