Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) is a strong competitor IPL 2020 title winner where Delhi Capitals (DC) also maintained its dominance, now it remains to be seen whether they will meet audience’s expectations or not, it will be known only after the auction of IPL 2021.
Let’s check the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) vs Delhi Capitals (DC) head to head and winning statistics in this article.

Out of the 27 matches between Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and Delhi Capitals (DC), Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) won 14 matches and Delhi Capitals (DC) won 12 matches and 1 match got Abandoned.

KKR Vs DC Head to Head from IPL 2008 to IPL 2020
In last match of IPL October 2020 Kolkata Knight Riders won by 59 Runs in Abu Dhabi.

KKR Vs DC Head to Head: IPL Stats 2

Below the full KKR vs DC head to head for all the IPL matches till now.

DateWinnerWon byVenue
22nd May, 2008AbandonedDelhi
13th May 2008Kolkata Knight Riders23 RunsKolkata
13 October 2012 (CLT20)Delhi Daredevils52 RunsCenturion
24-10-2020Kolkata Knight Riders59 RunsAbu Dhabi
03-10-2020Delhi Capitals18 RunsSharjah
12-04-2019Delhi Capitals7 WicketsKolkata
30-03-2019Delhi CapitalsOne-over eliminatorDelhi
27-04-2018Delhi Daredevils55 RunsDelhi
16-04-2018Kolkata Knight Riders71 RunsKolkata
28-04-2017Kolkata Knight Riders7 WicketsKolkata
17-04-2017Kolkata Knight Riders4 WicketsDelhi
30-04-2016Delhi Daredevils27 RunsDelhi
10-04-2016Kolkata Knight Riders9 WicketsKolkata
07-05-2015Kolkata Knight Riders13 RunsKolkata
20-04-2015Kolkata Knight Riders6 WicketsDelhi
07-05-2014Kolkata Knight Riders8 WicketsDelhi
19-04-2014Delhi Daredevils4 WicketsDubai
01-05-2013Delhi Daredevils7 WicketsRaipur
03-04-2013Kolkata Knight Riders6 WicketsKolkata
22-05-2012Kolkata Knight Riders18 RunsPune
07-05-2012Kolkata Knight Riders6 WicketsDelhi
05-04-2012Delhi Daredevils8 WicketsKolkata
28-04-2011Kolkata Knight Riders17 RunsDelhi
07-04-2010Kolkata Knight Riders14 RunsKolkata
29-03-2010Delhi Daredevils40 RunsDelhi
10-05-2009Delhi Daredevils7 WicketsJohannesburg
05-05-2009Delhi Daredevils9 WicketsDurban