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IPL 2023: There have been 59 matches played thus far in IPL 2023. As the game goes on, the points chart becomes more complicated. The top three teams—the Gujarat Titans, Chennai Super Kings, and Mumbai Indians—appear to be in a position to advance to the IPL 2023 playoffs based on the 59 games that have been played thus far. Due to the fact that all three of these teams have played 12 games, the Gujarat Titans are in the lead in the standings after eight victories. Chennai (CSK) and Mumbai (MI), with 15 and 14 points, respectively, are in second and third positions.

Top 4 Expected Teams for IPL 2023

1. Gujarat Titans

Gujarat Titans | Image Source: Twitter, GT
Gujarat Titans | Image Source: Twitter, GT

16 to 18 points are typically seen as safe to qualify for the playoffs if witnessed. The Gujarat Titans have currently played 12 games in the competition. He continues to hold the top spot in the points chart with eight victories and 16 points. Gujarat will face Hyderabad and Royal Challengers Bangalore in the upcoming two games. Gujarat will continue to hold the top two spots in the points standings if it wins even one of these two games.

2. Chennai Super Kings (CSK)

CSK Captain MS Dhoni to retire after IPL 2023? Moeen Ali responds | RCB vs CSK
MS Dhoni | Image: IPL/BCCI

On the other side, Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings, who have played a total of 12 matches this season and won seven of them, are second in the standings with 15 points. The Delhi Capitals and Kolkata Knight Riders are the opponents for the following two games. Chennai will remain in second place in the points standings if they defeat both of these teams. Otherwise, the Mumbai Indians would move up to second place with 18 points if they lose both of their remaining games.

3. Mumbai Indians

IPL 2023: MI Defeated GT by 27 runs
IPL 2023: MI Defeated GT by 27 runs | Image Credit: Twitter

If we talk about the five-time champion team Mumbai Indians, then their start of this season was nothing special. In the first match, they were defeated by RCB by eight wickets, while in the second match, Chennai won against Mumbai by seven wickets. It seemed that this team would not be able to qualify this season, but Rohit Sharma’s company made a strong comeback and proved why it is a five-time champion winning team.

The next two matches for the Mumbai Indians are to be played against the Lucknow Supergiants and the Sunrisers Hyderabad. If the team wins even one match, it will comfortably qualify for the playoffs. If she is destined to win both matches, then she can come in second in the points table. Mumbai has played a total of 12 matches so far, in which they have won seven matches and are third in the points table with 14 points.

Playoff Qualification Scenarios of Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB)

If we talk about the top four teams in the qualification, then the places of three teams have been fixed, only one place is available, that is the number four position. A team needs at least 16 points to achieve this position.

The fourth place round sees three teams that can reach 16 points. The first team is Rajasthan Royals, the second team is Lucknow Supergiants, while the third team can be Royal Challengers Bangalore.

But if we talk about these three teams, then Rajasthan Royals are the strongest contenders. Rajasthan remain in fourth place with 12 points after winning six out of 12 matches so far this season. Rajasthan has to play two more matches. If they win both the matches, they will be part of the IPL 2023 qualification.

Will Royal Challengers will qualify for IPL 2023 Playoffs ?

If the current position of the points table is to be seen then it seems that Royal Challengers Bangalore will not be able to qualify for the playoffs this year. But cricket is a game of uncertainties, anything is possible here.

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