Corona spread in Adelaide: Will the first Test between India and Australia be affected?

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Adelaide Cricket Ground

The corona has started spreading in Adelaide. The question has arisen as to whether the first Test between India and Australia will be affected.


The Indian cricket team led by Virat Kohli has gone to Australia. They will be playing in 3 ODIs, 2 T20, and 4 Tests.

The first ODI is between two teams in Sydney on the 27th. The first Test cricket match between the two teams starts after the ODI and T20-series in Adelaide next month (December 17).

Coronavirus infection

Coronavirus infection has not yet disappeared around the world. The coronavirus is under control in many countries. In some countries, the virus has intensified its attack as the second wave, the third wave. Australia has very well controlled The number of coronavirus infections. There was even a situation where the daily impact was absent for a few days. In this condition the number of corona spreads in Adelaide has increased sharply in the last 2 days.

Thus, Western Australia, Tasmania, and the Northern Provinces close their borders with South Australia. Those coming from Adelaide to other parts of Australia were yesterday ordered to be isolated in a hotel for 14 days. The Tasmanian Department of Health has advised isolation of those returning from the Sheffield cricket tournament in South Australia after the 9th. As a precautionary measure, players, including Tasmania’s Test captain Tim Payne and Matthew Wade, have isolated themselves.

Will the corona spread to affect the first Test between India and Australia in Adelaide next month? The question is in everyone’s mind. But the Cricket Board of Australia is confident that the match will go ahead as planned. However, there are reports that the final call will be taken depending on the situation. The Cricket Board of Australia has decided to allow 50 percent of the fans in the stadium seating facility for the Test match. Will this decision be reversed due to the corona threat? Let’s see what in store in the future.