Australia vs India: Indian fan allegedly abused by the Security Guard during the third Test match at Sydney

Australia vs India: Indian fan allegedly abused by the Security Guard during the third Test match at Sydney.

Australia vs India: While Indian team members faced the harsh behaviour from the Australian crowd on the Third and Fourth Test match, an Indian fan has now opened up that he was also racially abused during the third test match at Sydney. Surprisingly, the fan reckons that he was faced to the rude behaviour by the mid-ranking security officer of Australia.

SCG operators have responded with an immediate probe into the matter claimed by the Indian fan who was told to “go back to where you belong,” by a security officer of the Ground.

According to the report in Sydney Morning Herald, Indian origin Krishna Kumar who lives in Sydney met the legal personnel of the New South Whales and lodged a complaint against the security officer. Kumar further told them that he felt, “naked and stripped” after the words of the security officer.

Krishna Kumar further told that the group of Australian crowd referred to him and some Indian players with “curry munchers” during the third day of the third test. This incident took place a day before the six spectators were booked by the cops of NSW after Mohammad Siraj complained of the same racial abuse yet again.

Cricket Australia promised the Indian fans and the BCCI to give a hard punishment to the abusers and they strictly will not condone this act by the Australian crowd.

Krishna Kumar brought 4 posters:

Kumar who lives in Sydney told the Venues NSW that he was targetted after he brought the four posters to the ground.

The poster he brought stated, “Rivalry is good, racism is not”, “Brown inclusion matters”, “No racism mate”, and “Cricket Australia — more diversity please”.

The officer told me,” If you want to address the issue, go back to where you belong to,” those were very small paper banners which he made out of his Kids paper roll.

“I am not looking for any compensation, free tickets or memberships for you. I need justice and accountability. At that time I was feeling stripped. Who are they to stop me address racism, that too on the ground where the incident happened,” he added.

After Krishna Kumar lodged his complaint, Cricket Australia and Sydney operators are now alert and started a probe of the claimed incident.

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