Virat Kohli talks about Rohit Sharma's funny trait of forgetting things.

Watch what Virat Kohli said about Rohit Sharma: Team India skipper Rohit Sharma once again caught people’s attention as he surprisingly forgot what his team had decided to do after winning the toss. The incident of Rohit Sharma going blank happened in Raipur’s Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh Cricket Stadium where India played against New Zealand in the second ODI on 21st January 2023.

Everything went fine for the Indian captain until he won the toss at Raipur and had to pick between bowling and batting. Rohit took almost 13 seconds to respond about whether he wanted to bat first or bowl after winning the flip of the coin against New Zealand.

Rohit Sharma started scratching his head before he could remember what his team had decided, which took almost 13 seconds. The incident left everyone in splits including New Zealand skipper Tom Latham and Match Referee Javagal Srinath.

“I forgot what we wanted to do, had plenty of discussions with the team about the toss decision, just wanted to challenge ourselves under difficult conditions, but we’ll bowl first,” said Rohit after winning the toss.

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I have never seen anyone forget things like Rohit Sharma: Virat Kohli

While all this happened on the cricket field and fans took a while to digest what just happened at the toss, an old video resurfaced all over the internet in which Virat Kohli was seen commenting on Rohit’s embarrassing habit of forgetting things.

In the interview, which was recorded five years back, with Oaktree Sports in its famous talk-show series called ‘Breakfast with Champions’, Virat Kohli touched upon Rohit Sharma’s funny trait of forgetting his belongings.

“The number of things Rohit Sharma forgets; I have never seen anyone else so forgetful. iPad, wallet, phone, not the small things, but daily use essentials,” said Virat Kohli.

“I don’t care, I’ll get new one. He has no idea he’s left something, the bus would’ve travelled halfway to the hotel and then he remembers ‘Oh, I left my iPad on the plane’, he added.

The former Indian captain revealed that Rohit had, once, left his passport and it took a hard effort to retrive it.

“It was really difficult retrieving it. The logistical manager always asks, ‘Does Rohit Sharma have all his stuff?’. Once he gets a yes from Rohit then only does the bus departs,” Kohli had in the talk show.

The video clip from the talk show has grabbed people’s eyeballs and went viral on social media following the recent incident with Rohit Sharma during the toss. Down below is the video: Watch what Virat Kohli said about Rohit Sharma after he forgets the team’s decision during the toss in INDvNZ 2nd ODI.

Link of the complete video.