Shane Warne Discloses Steve Smith’s Answer To Shane Warne’s Criticism Of him Being Australia’s Test Vice-Captain

Due to the sandpaper incident in South Africa in 2018, Smith was suspended from all leadership roles.

Shane Warne discloses Smith's answer to his vice-captaincy criticism
Shane Warne discloses Smith's answer to his vice-captaincy criticism

Shane Warne, a former Australian cricketer, has stated that he had a conversation with Steve Smith. A call from the batter informed him of the widespread public displeasure and criticism of his selection as the vice-captain of the Test squad, he claimed in a statement. The former spinner went on to say that both of them spoke it out and respected one other’s viewpoints on the matter.

Smith was barred from performing leadership responsibilities due to the sandpaper incident that occurred in South Africa in 2018. On the other hand, Smith signaled his return to the leadership post after being designated as Pat Cummins’s replacement. Before this, Warne had claimed that the batter did not deserve to be the one who had to bear the burden. He has also criticized Cricket Australia (CA) for the same reason.

“I had a conversation with Steve Smith. He sent me a message saying, ‘Jeez, you’re being a little hard on me, aren’t you?’ and we had a good chat about it. That is what respect accomplishes. Just because someone does not agree with your point of view does not imply that you must be rude and personal about it. Everyone is entitled to their own viewpoint,” Warne stated after the first day of the first Ashes Test in 2021, in an interview with Fox Cricket.

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I was overjoyed. Steve Smith got in touch with me: Shane Warne 

Shane Warne discloses Smith's answer to his vice-captaincy criticism

When asked how he felt after Day 1 of the first Ashes Test at the Gabba, Warne said he was grateful that Smith had phoned him. He went on to say that the two of them had previously worked together at the Rajasthan Royals and that they had a great deal of respect for one another.

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“I was delighted when Steve Smith got in touch with me since I consider him a friend. At the Rajasthan Royals, we’ve participated in team meetings and worked together. I used to work with him when he was bowling, and I believe he was a leg-spinner at one point. So, we have mutual regard for one another, and it was kind of him to call me and ask, ‘Mate, why did you believe that? I explained my point of view to him, and he responded by saying, ‘I get it, and I’m sure a lot of other people feel the same way,'” Warne stated.

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The former spinner elaborated on the chat, stating that both of them had decided to politely disagree on the subject matter at hand. Warne said what Smith told him, “Mate, you’ve been in the game for 30 or so years, you’ve earned the right to have your opinion, and I respect it, but I just do not agree with it. If you have a different point of view, that’s OK; I just believe there’s been too much of it.”