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RCB Vs DC Head to Head: IPL Stats

Where Royal Challengers Bangalore Vs Delhi Capitals Both teams played well in the last season, but Royal Challengers Bangalore played better and won more matches too. Will the same situation continue? Let’s see after the auction of IPL 2021. Let’s check the RCB vs DC head to head and winning statistics in this article.

IPL 2023 RCB Vs DC
IPL 2023 RCB Vs DC

Out of the 25 matches between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Delhi Capitals, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) won 15 matches and Delhi Cattails (DC) won 9 matches and 1 match got Abandoned.

RCB Vs DC Head to Head from IPL 2008 to IPL 2020

In last last match of IPL October 2020 Delhi Capitals won by 59 runs in Dubai.

RCB Vs DC Head to Head: IPL Stats 2

Below the full RCB vs DC head to head for all the IPL matches till now.

DateWinnerWon byVenue
8th April, 2017Royal Challengers Bangalore15 RunsBengaluru
7th April, 2012Royal Challengers Bangalore20 RunsBengaluru
7th April 2019Delhi Capitals4 WicketsBengaluru
5th October 2020Delhi Capitals59 RunsDubai
4th April, 2010Delhi Daredevils37 RunsDelhi
30th April, 2008Delhi Daredevils10 RunsDelhi
29th April, 2012Royal Challengers Bangalore21 RunsDelhi
26th April, 2015Royal Challengers Bangalore10 WicketsDelhi
26th April, 2011Royal Challengers Bangalore3 WicketsDelhi
26th April, 2009Delhi Daredevils6 WicketsPort Elizabeth
25th March, 2010Delhi Daredevils17 RunsBengaluru
22nd May, 2016Royal Challengers Bangalore8 WicketsRaipur
19th May, 2008Delhi Daredevils5 WicketsBengaluru
17th May, 2015Match AbandonedBengaluru
17th May, 2009Royal Challengers Bangalore7 WicketsJohannesburg
17th April, 2016Delhi Daredevils7 WicketsBengaluru
17th April, 2014Royal Challengers Bangalore8 WicketsSharjah
17 October, 2009 (CLT20)Royal Challengers Bangalore8 WicketsBengaluru
16th April, 2013Royal Challengers BangaloreSuper OverBengaluru
13th May, 2014Royal Challengers Bangalore16 RunsBengaluru
10th May, 2013Royal Challengers Bangalore10 RunsDelhi
4/28/2019Delhi Capitals16 RunsDelhi
5/12/2018Royal Challengers Bangalore5 WicketsDelhi
4/21/2018Royal Challengers Bangalore6 WicketsBengaluru
5/14/2017Royal Challengers Bangalore10 RunsDelhi