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The gambling industry in India is a fast-growing sector, with millions of Indian gamblers placing wagers in different sports, especially cricket. But how do Indians place bets, as gambling is illegal in several parts of this country?

How popular is betting on cricket in India?

Cricket is the national sport of India, so the betting sector revolves around this activity. Recent studies have shown that more than 40% of online bettors, more precisely 140 million users, enjoy wagering on different sports. Also, statistics show that more than 140 million Indians bet on cricket.

These numbers prove how common online gambling is and how appreciated cricket is among Indians.

Is it legal to gamble in India?

Gambling in India is regulated differently according to each state, so there are currently no specific laws or other regulations regarding all gambling operations. Therefore, states regulate gambling, as only the government of each state is entitled to handle this matter. However, there is a common law, The Public Gaming Act of 1867, which regulates the prohibition of all public gaming houses.

People who build or are in charge of such places can be fined $200 or face imprisonment for up to 3 months. Also, people who visit gambling houses will be fined $100 or face imprisonment for one month.

How does Indian law regulate online gambling and betting?

The Information Technology Act 2000 is the central law regulating cyber activities in India, yet there’s no mention of online gambling or betting. Thus, the subject of such activities has been left to be interpreted by the Court, which refused to elaborate an opinion on the matter.

Which Indian states regulate gambling in their laws?

Under the “Bombay Wager Act,” online gambling has been prohibited and is an offense in Maharashtra state. However, some states tolerate gambling in land-based casinos or through online gambling services: Goa, Daman, and Sikkim.

In these states, Indian gamblers can visit casinos and engage in gambling activity carefree and legally. Therefore, these states also permit players to gamble online through different platforms powered by national casino operators.

Can you gamble from India through global gambling operators?

As the laws in India regarding gambling were issued long before this concept was ever invented, there is a grey area between online gambling and gambling in casinos. Thus, even though visiting land-based casinos is firmly prohibited in most areas of India, there are no further mentions of online casino operators.

Therefore, the location from where Indians choose to gamble online is still part of the unregulated matter in the Information Technology Act 2000. That’s why more and more Indians are turning to online gambling, as it is more convenient and doesn’t infringe on the Indian law of gambling.

Tips for gambling through international operators

Whether you’re in a state where gambling is prohibited regardless of its form or if you are located in a state like Sikkim and want to explore more options, then gambling through web-casino operators might be the solution for you. However, if you choose such betting services, you need to know more about how to engage in such activities safely.

Choose a licensed gambling operator

One of the most important factors, when you choose to gamble online is how secure the platform you pick actually is. You must check for the casino’s license information to verify if the website provides such services is safe. You can do so by accessing the website’s homepage and checking the footer for information regarding the licensing of this operator.

If you choose an online gambling operator based in the UK, then this operator must be licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Therefore, if you decide to gamble on these websites, then you can be sure this operator protects his clients, promotes responsible gambling, and undergoes an extensive process to become an eligible online casino for players.

Payment methods available on online casinos

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As online gambling implies, if you use virtual money to pay for these services, you should know what services you can use. Therefore, being able to make deposits quickly and safely is crucial when it comes to playing online games.

Credits cards

Credit cards are among the first choice for many online players worldwide. However, tracking your information when using a credit, debit card, Visa card, or Mastercard is possible if you get scammed when making an online payment.


Among the most secure payment methods that web-based casinos allow for their customers are e-wallets. An electronic wallet (or e-wallet) is a type of digital card which is destined to be used for online transactions made directly through a smartphone or a computer. It can be used just like you do with any credit or debit card. An E-wallet must be connected to the customer’s bank account to be able to process payments.

The most legit online casino operators suggest depositing real money through online services like Neteller, which is a service used for electronic money transfers meant to facilitate money transfers to and from merchants. You can use it for trading, stock investments, and even when shopping for things online.

Users can withdraw funds directly through the Net+ card or transfer the sum to their personal bank account. Also, if you are familiar with PayPal, this payment method is widely accepted in online casinos.

Crypto payments

A considerable number of online casinos started accepting crypto payment methods. As this phenomenon of crypto transactions took over the online community, as more users and investors started opting for such payment methods.

The reasons behind this decision are pretty straightforward – you can make fast transactions, protect your personal data, and your money doesn’t go through another intermediate. Also, regardless of location, crypto payments take less time than a bank transfer or even an e-wallet.

Gambling on international web-based casinos might be the right choice

For those who want to explore the gambling industry more and are limited due to different reasons like their location, online casinos are the first choice for quickly accessing games of luck providers. Playing virtually is more convenient not only for Indians but also for many other players around the world. As the gambling industry keeps progressing, customers need to remain vigilant about gaming businesses, so their experiences run smoothly.