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Looking to 2022: What Does the Future Hold for India’s National Cricket Team?

Cricket – it’s one of those games that we can all watch and enjoy, regardless of whether you’re an avid sports fan or just an occasional viewer. With this in mind, it’s well worth considering how your favourite teams have been performing and how they’re likely to fare; with the new year just passing, now seems a better time than ever to take a look at the future for India’s national cricket team.

So, without further ado, let’s look at how 2021 passed for India’s national cricket team and whether we can expect successes looking forward to the coming year’s performances.

Performances in 2021 for India’s National Cricket Team

Whether you’re looking to bet on cricket matches at Lottoland or if you’re simply a passionate cricket fan, this past year has undeniably been highly variable for India’s national cricket team – with excellent highs and disheartening lows. Of these, the team’s immense achievements in becoming the first Asian team to with a Centurion test certainly marked a pivotal highlight of the year, even if they missed out on the inaugural ICC World Test Championship mace at the end of the almost week-long final.

What Does the Future Hold for India’s National Cricket Team?

So, we’ve clarified at this point that the Indian national cricket team has seen varying rates of success for the past year – but what can we expect for the upcoming twelve months? While there’s no way to ever tell what the future will hold for our beloved national team, we can certainly make certain predictions and express key hopes.

To begin with, we need to consider the obvious change that the Indian national cricket team will face for the new year. Indeed, as we head into 2022, the team and fans alike will need to prepare for a potentially different leadership style since Rohit Sharma is currently out of action due to an injury. In his place, Virat Kohli will temporarily be managing the team until Sharma can return to the game – and this will either help or hinder the team’s progress overall.

Overall, our hopes are currently quite high for the team – assuming that Kohli can work with the team closely to ensure everyone is on board with the new leadership style. For example, at the start of the 2021 cricket season, the Indian national cricket team was undeniably playing at the very top of their game. This excellent start automatically propelled the year to the record books – but, unfortunately, the team just couldn’t keep it up, and the rest of the year seemed to drop off after the initial back-to-back successes.

However, we would be remiss to say that the year was a complete write-off. By the end of the year, the team seemed to have regained some of its previous strength and confidence; in fact, their success in breaking records was something that won’t be forgotten any time soon!

Key Series and Tournaments for the Indian National Cricket Team in 2022

But what can we expect for the future of India’s national cricket team? Well, things are looking positive currently, with the team already being 1-0 up and facing plenty of opportunities for future progression. Indeed, some of the team’s most prominent series and tournaments for 2022 will likely include the following:

  • India’s Tour of South Africa in January
  • West Indies Tour of India in February
  • Sri Lankan Tour of India, running from February to March
  • IPL 2022, running between April and May
  • South African Tour of India in June
  • Indian Tour of the West Indies, running between July and August
  • Indian Tour of England in July, as a rescheduled Fifth test
  • Australian Tour of India, running between September and October with a total of 4 tests
  • Asian Cup 2022, to be hosted in September (although venues are, thus far, unknown)
  • Indian Tour of Bangladesh, with two tests running between November and December

While all of the Indian 2022 cricket schedules we’ve mentioned above may be prone to change, it’s undeniable that the team will see plenty of different opportunities to show their skills and abilities over the next twelve months.

With this in mind, it’s likely that all Indian national cricket team fans will be watching with great excitement to see how their favourite players perform when the time comes.

Final Thoughts

Over the past year, we’ve seen a varying combination of excellent highs and unforgettable lows for the Indian national cricket team – but this ensures that the team is heading into the new year with the potential to reach ever greater heights. As such, we’ll all be watching with great interest to see how the team’s progress continues for 2022, and hopefully, this coming year will offer our home team greater chances of success overall.

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