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IPL 2023 playoffs qualification scenario of Chennai Super Kings (CSK) | Will CSK finish in Top-2?


IPL 2023: Even though the full form of IPL is Indian Premier League, seeing the matches of this league, we have to say that the full form of IPL should be Incredible Premier League.

IPL 2023 is now in its final week and till now we have got only one team Gujarat Titans who have qualified for the playoffs. Whereas, apart from Sunrisers Hyderabad and Delhi Capitals, seven teams still have a chance to qualify in the playoffs.

If we take a look at the current points standings, the Gujarat Titans are in first place with 18 points after winning nine out of their last 13 games. The second-ranked Chennai Super Kings, who have seven victories out of 13 games and 15 points, are right behind GT.

IPL 2023 Points Table

IPL 2023 Points Table
IPL 2023 playoffs qualification scenario of Chennai Super Kings (CSK) | Will CSK finish in Top-2? 2

The playoff race has become so tough that even with 15 points, Chennai is not feeling secure. The only thing going on in the minds of all the fans is how will Chennai qualify for the playoffs. What will happen in that situation if Chennai loses their last game versus Delhi (DC)? So let’s analyze the Chennai qualification scenario in today’s article.

IPL 2023 playoffs qualification scenario of Chennai Super Kings (CSK)

Even though Chennai Super Kings still have 15 points and are second in the standings, it may be difficult for them to qualify if they lose their final game against Delhi Capital. On May 20 at 3:30 PM, Chennai, and Delhi Capitals will face off in Delhi’s home stadium, Arun Jaitley Stadium. In any case, Chennai must triumph in this game.

Will CSK finish in Top-2?

If Mumbai or Lucknow lose one of their final two games, Chennai Super Kings will qualify for the second spot. Mumbai and Lucknow will play this evening(Tuesday); whichever team wins today must lose its last game in order for Chennai Super Kings to stay in the top two.

What Happens if Chennai Loss their last game Against Delhi Capitals?

If Chennai loses their last match to Delhi Capitals, then their qualification may be in danger in this condition, then Chennai will have to decide on other teams.

-In this condition, Chennai will pray for the defeat of Royal Challengers Bangalore.

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