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IPL 2023: Best 5 Players Domestic Indian Players who can go for a High Price in IPL 2023 Auction. 

Here is a quick look at the domestic players who may take home the big bucks in the IPL 2023 Auction.

The IPL 2023 season will be a fun-filled ride. What will be interesting to see is how the league will sustain its hype for a period of two months. The league is going to be one of the longest since its establishment. The motto of the IPL is to promote young talent. It says, “A place where talent meets opportunity.” Having said that, it is the domestic talent that will benefit the most. We have seen players like Bumrah and Pandya rise in the IPL. So, who are the five domestic players who can take home the big bucks? Here is a look: 

IPL 2023

Manish Pandey might go for a high price in IPL 2023 Auction: 

IPL 2023
Manish was the first Indian to score a 100 in the IPL. IMG SRC: RCB

Manish Pandey is a seasoned campaigner. He was a part of the Indian national team till 2020 but has slipped down the ranks very quickly. With that being said, he will be keen on making a comeback. His age is not in his favor as he belongs to the batch of Virat Kohli but Manish is still a rockstar. He still times the ball to perfection. One good domestic season can result in him getting a national call-up. Pandey needs to build some confidence and needs to do what he does best, dominate! 

Sanjay Yadav might go for a high price in IPL 2023 Auction: 

This left-arm spinner and finisher was an asset that the Mumbai Indians could not use effectively. He was a part of their squad and did get a game too, this will improve his portfolio. He plays domestic cricket for Tamil Nadu and dominated the TNPL with his six-hitting abilities. IPL 2023 will have opportunities in store for him.  

Shreyas Gopal/Mayank Markande: 

IPL 2023
IMG SRC: India.com

Shreyas Gopal or Mayank Markande will also be in demand at the IPL auction. There is a sense of dryness in the leg-spin arsenal of India. Beyond Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal, we do not see a world-class spinner. If given a chance, Mayank or Gopal can make a mark. Gopal was released by the Rajasthan Royal and Mayank was let go by the Mumbai Indians. Both these players have been an integral part of the IPL since 2018. They have a lot to offer their respective teams.  

Murugan Ashwin: 

Murugan Ashwin is a more seasoned leg spinner than Gopal and Markande. Ashwin has been the top-ranked spinner for the Tamil Nadu domestic team. He has carried the burden of the South Indian team for quite some time. He will also be in high demand with teams like the Mumbai Indians and Gujarat Titans who lack a good leg spinner.  

Jaydev Unadkat might go for a high price in IPL 2023 Auction: 

IPL 2023

An experienced left-arm seamer is always going to be an asset. And Jaydev has a hell lot of IPL experience. He has a lot of abilities. He is a complete T20 package. The wide yorkers, the yorkers, the slower balls, Jaydev has them all. His height gives him an advantage. He was taken for runs in the last season but over the years, Jaydev’s performance has been above average. He can be chosen by teams as a senior mentor for the younger players as well. Not like a full-time mentor but a player-mentor kind of dual role. He will add immense value to any team that he is a part of. 

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