India becoming a top team in the world due to a better cricket structure: Imran Khan

India becoming a top team in the world due to a better cricket structure: Imran Khan

India becoming a top team in the world due to a better cricket structure: Imran Khan.

Former captain and current Prime Minister of Pakistan feels the reason behind India becoming a top team in the world is due to a better cricket structure at the basic level. He says India success in the recent past at world level has been only possible with the collective efforts of the coaches and mentors who are constantly pushing the right players and giving them essential training at the basic levels.

Imran Khan reckons that Pakistan has been a good side ever but the team could not become world-class because of the poor structure at the entry-level.

“Look at India today, they are becoming a top team in the world because they improved their structure although we have more talent,” Imran said, talking to the media in Islamabad.

“It takes time for a structure to work and polish talent but I am confident our team will become world beaters,” he added.

Khan said Pakistan will soon become the world beaters in coming two to three years as the provincial cricket structure is in place now.

Imran Khan is also the patron-in-chief of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and keeps the power to nominate the chairman of the board. He said due to the hectic schedule lately he could not take time out for Cricket.

“Honestly speaking I am not able to spare time for cricket and have not even watched the matches but now that our basic cricket structure has been changed things will improve gradually,” he said.

Khan lead his side in the 1992 ICC World Cup in Australia and he is the highly respected and looked figure in Pakistan as far as cricket is concerned. Many of the former cricketers still praise the captaincy of the Pakistani Prime Minister.

Khan won the 2018 elections in Pakistan and soon after making the government he brought in former  ICC President Ehsan Mani and asked him to run the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Pakistan domestic cricket has been overhauled in the last two years with only 6 teams competing in the first-class cricket earlier which was around 16 regional teams competing for the games at the highest level of Pakistan.

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