ICC to make changes on the points system for ICC World Test Championship

ICC to make changes on the points system for ICC World Test Championship

ICC to make changes on the points system for ICC World Test Championship.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has been under the scanner for its poor and doubtful points system all throughout the first cycle of the ICC World Test Championship 2019-21. Several former players and cricket experts have not hesitated in criticising the points system used to rank the teams in the WTC points table.

In response to all this, the ICC has decided to make some amendments to the points system to be used for the next cycle of the WTC. The global body will now focus more on the wins rather than the series played.

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The second cycle of the WTC will begin with India taking on England in a five games test series following the WTC final against New Zealand at Rose Bowl Southampton.

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“There will be some tweaks to the points system in the next cycle. There were five test series and there were countries whose resources and interests in Test Cricket warranted more like two-Test series. The points system was such that the two-match series was worth the same as a five-match series. It means everyone was playing for the same number of points at the end,” said Geoff Allardice, acting CEO of ICC.

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The ICC had to change the points system midway due to the pandemic. Most of the tours and Series either got postponed or got cancelled. Due to this several teams were not able to complete their five series for the WTC.

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The body then focused more on the percentage of games won rather than the games won by a team. 

“We will stick with the percentage of the points. We can put a standardized number of points per test match. So, it doesn’t matter if it is in a two-test series or a five games test series. Every team will be judged with the percentage of wins and not on the total points,” added Allardice.

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