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Harbhajan Singh (Reuters Photo)

Harbhajan Singh in an exclusive interview with Star Sports revealed the process of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) selectors ahead of the big ICC Tournaments. Reportedly, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma are not a part of the upcoming T20 series and tournaments. They might also not be a permanent part of India’s future T20 Internationals.

Harbhajan Singh believes the BCCI selection committee would consider focussing on the team for youngsters to make the future of India’s T20 Internationals secure. Considering the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup will be held in 2024 and is one year away, Rohit and Virat might concentrate on ODIs for this year’s ICC Cricket World Cup to be held in India.

Harbhajan Singh on BCCI Selector’s

Harbhajan Singh
Exclusive! Harbhajan Singh takes a strong dig at BCCI selectors; hopes they don’t sideline Virat Kohli 3

Harbhajan Singh believes BCCI doesn’t give explanations for their decisions and it has always been the case with them. “Transparency isn’t Indian cricket’s strongest suit,” said Virender Sehwag. Harbhajan wants some clarity in Virat’s case and hopes he doesn’t get sidelined without proper respect considering his form and performances for the country.

“See, I don’t know what selectors have in their minds and what they want to do but if we don’t win big tournaments like the World Cup, there always is pressure and the senior players bear the brunt of it. We tend to say ‘If the established stars are not able to win, we might as well pick youngsters – we should invest in them’. But as far as Virat is concerned, I don’t think he can be sidelined based on form,”Yes, you can of course speak to him and convey that look we are building a young team but whatever they choose to do, it should be conveyed to seniors. They shouldn’t be informed after a decision is made.”

Harbhajan Singh

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Harbhajan Singh on BCCI’s treatment towards him and Virat Kohli’s future

Harbhajan Singh
Exclusive! Harbhajan Singh takes a strong dig at BCCI selectors; hopes they don’t sideline Virat Kohli 4

“We were sidelined first and then got to know through newspapers. It shouldn’t happen to Kohli. A player should be given respect – be it Rohit, Virat or whoever else. Communication is the key. If conducted properly, it will create a healthy relationship between players and selectors because if someone is sidelined and not informed about it, that leaves a sour taste in every player’s mouth,”

Harbhajan Singh

Harbhajan Singh believes Communication is the key and they shall be told directly about their future in the team, contrary to what happened with him. He believes Virat and Rohit should be respected for what they have done for the country.