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FIFA World Cup 2022: 5 Star Players Who Will Miss the Tournament Due to Injury. 

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is a prestigious tournament. The FIFA World Cup happens only once every four years. Every player dreams of representing his nation at this tournament. But there are a few very unfortunate players who miss out on such tournaments due to injuries. This time around, too, there are many players who may miss the FIFA World Cup 2022 due to injury. Here is a look at the top 5 players who will miss out on this grand stage of football due to injuries: 

N’Golo Kante will miss FIFA World Cup 2022: 

FIFA World Cup 2022
IMG SRC: France National team.

This French defensive mid-fielder is someone who will be really missed by his team. N’Golo is a workhorse on the team. He wins the ball more than any player. His intercepts are very precise and he covers a lot of ground. He took a hamstring injury in October and is expected to be sidelined for 4 months at least. So, his presence in Qatar is ruled out. The France team certainly has the depth to cover him but there is only one Kante.  

Paul Pogba will miss FIFA World Cup 2022: 

FIFA World Cup 2022
IMG SRC: Manchester News

After a defensive loss, the French team has also taken a blow in the attack. One of their top play-makers, Paul Pogba will also miss the tournament in Qatar. Pogba who moved from Manchester United to Juventus in this transfer window hasn’t played a game for Juventus as he is injured. He is out due to a knee injury. This is a big blow from France as Pogba was a part of the leadership group.  

Georginio Wijnaldum will miss FIFA World Cup 2022: 

Dutch mid-fielder, Wijnaldum will also miss FIFA World Cup 2022. Wijnaldum plays for Liverpool in the Premier League and was unfortunately injured during training. He broke his leg is what was reported. He has a fractured tibia in his right leg and hence is not able to participate in this tournament. The Dutch mid-field relied on Wijnaldum and his absence will cost the team. His ball control and vision are unmatched.  

Paulo Dybala/Angel Di Maria: 

FIFA World Cup 2022
Senior Pro Di Maria is also expected to miss out due to an injury. IMG SRC: Argentine Football.

Paulo Dybala and Angel Di Maria, both senior pros are doubtful for the FIFA World Cup 2022. Paulo Dybala is certainly going to miss the tournament and Di Maria is under scrutiny. Paulo is Argentina’s best playmaker and midfielder. Now the pressure is on the rest of the squad to fill in his absence. Dybala suffered a hamstring injury in October while playing for AS Roma. He will remain out till late November. He will recover from the injury before the World Cup but will not be a match-fit.  

Timo Werner: 

FIFA World Cup 2022
IMG SRC: Chelsea

Timo Werner, the German strike force will also miss this grand tournament. When asked about Timo’s fitness this is what his club had to say, “Timo Werner suffered an ankle injury last night in the win over Shakhtar Donetsk. Scans today in Leipzig showed that he has unfortunately torn the syndesmosis ligament in his left ankle and will therefore be out for the rest of 2022.” The German team does have players like Leroy Sane and Thomas Muller that can play an integral part as strikers but they cannot bring in the charisma of Werner. Also, with Werner in the mix, the German team could have thought of playing 4-4-2! But that is also out of question.  

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