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DREAM11 IPL 2020 Team Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) : SWOT Analysis, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, Prediction

There was a time when SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) was limited to industrial companies. But these days we see this technique being adopted by many. The latest including analyzers of cricket! So let’s go with the trend, and here’s presenting you with the SWOT analysis of KKR.

DREAM11 IPL 2020 Kolkata Knight Riders KKR Squad

Rarely do we get to see a team buy players they once sold. Welcome back Cummins and Morgan to KKR. KKR paid 15.5 crores making Cummins the most expensive player at the auctions this year. The talented Tom Banton in the mix along with Varun Chakravarthy looks promising. This team is batting ready. Yet, we feel there is a missing sparkle.

DREAM11 IPL 2020 Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) Squad Analysis :

DREAM11 IPL 2020 Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) Squad
IPL 0202 – KKR Team

Dinesh Karthik (c), Andre Russell, Kamlesh Nagarkoti, Kuldeep Yadav, Lockie Ferguson, Nitish Rana, Prasidh Krishna, Rinku Singh, Sandeep Warrier, Shivam Mavi, Shubman Gill, Siddhesh Lad, Sunil Narine, Chris Green, Eoin Morgan, M Siddharth, Nikhil Naik, Praveen Tambe(withdrawn from the tournament), Pat Cummins, Rahul Tripathi, Tom Banton, Varun Chakravarthy.

With the exit of Chris Lynn and Robin Uthappa, the mighty Andre Russell must move up the order in order to have more scope to make runs.

IPL 2020 Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) Strengths :

  • Shubhman Gill the terrific and young opening batsman. He is a game changer.
  • An enviable line of batsmen : Russell, Narine, Morgan, Banton, Dinesh Karthik, Rana, Tripathi
  • All-rounder Andre Russell – brilliant with the bat and the ball, the most exciting factor of KKR, a match winner aptly backed up by Chris Green
  •  Pacers Cummins, Ferguson, Shivam, Nagarkoti, Prasidh Krishna look menacing
  • The valuable experience Cummins and Morgan bring to the captain is undeniable.
  •  Plenty of talented youngsters (le.g. Siddhesh Lad) who will make a mark
  • Back from injury Varun Chakravarthy, a valuable spinner is looking for redemption

IPL 2020 Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) Weaknesses :

  • Over dependent on Russell, Cummins, Morgan – 3 players cannot keep the team going through 15 matches
  • Number of experienced Indian players out of the 16 – only 6.
  • No outstanding Indian Player
  • Looking at the playing XI, when you put aside the 4 overseas players, KKR seems to miss the sparkle
  • What about replacements and back up in case of an injury to the top players like Russell and Cummins??? None.
  • Spinner Strength : Shaky. Pravin Tambe no more a part of the team and Varun Chakravarthy is fairly new
  • Bowlers Kuldeep and Narine not up to the mark lately, will Piyush Chawla be missed?
  • No scope for risky experimenting. Right from the word ‘GO’ KKR has to put its best foot forward. That is quite taxing for a captain.

IPL 2020 Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) Opportunities :

  • KKR has to stay fit as a fiddle, with all it’s players in perfect condition, meting out what they are supposed to, and we could have a contender for the top 4 positions in the ranking table
  • They have to overshadow the lag in the spin department in order to win
  • Use the youngsters and the experienced cleverly and they have a perfect balance of both

IPL 2020 Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) Threats :

  • KKR will have to keep injury at bay.
  • They cannot afford to lose any of the talented experienced players
  • Overseas players are the ones who will create momentum, and that’s not very comforting.

IPL 2020 Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) Prediction :

Not to pull your spirits down KKR fans, but we see this team in the bottom 4 of the points ranking table. Reason being, too many conditions needed to be fulfilled in order to guarantee a win (as mentioned in our analysis above). But hey, Opportunities always exist in order to make our strengths our USP. Hope Kolkata Knight Riders do that, or they might just get an early ride home!

Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) Key Players and team Analysis :

Dinesh Karthik -The captain who will play all the matches. As a batsman just good enough to score30 to 40 runs.

Nitesh Rana – A young promising batsman who will play most of the matches.

Shubhman Gill – He has impressed everyone as an opening  batsman  but has not yet established himself.

Rahul Tripathi is also a young batting talent and will get many chances to play.

E.Morgan – He is the key player. An attacking batsman with all the strokes .He is the main batsman of this side.

Sunil Narine – He has been experimented as a pitch hitter in the opener position. He has an ingenious way to connect the ball and hit the best bowlers. But he has the tendency to succeed occasionally. Hence a risky player who is not consistent.

Andre Russell – Synonymous to power and might, he is the ‘X’ factor of KKR. He could be sent up the middle order so that he will face more balls.

Tom Banton – A brilliant wicketkeeper batsman. But, he cannot replace the captain D.Karthik.

Chris Green – A talented but not so reputed – all-rounder.

Pat Cummins – The best bowler for KKR and costliest player in this IPL. 

Ferguson – Another key bowler for KKR.

The Indian bowlers are not experienced except Kuldeep Yadav, the only well-known spinner.

The playing XI for most matches :

  1. Shubaman Gill
  2. Sunil Naraine
  3. Nitesh Rana
  4. Dinesh Karthik
  5. Eion Morgan
  6. Andre Russell
  7. Pat Cummins
  8. Lockie Ferguson
  9. Kuldeep Yadav
  10. Varun Chakravarthy
  11. Prasidh Krishna

The playing XI for the Initial 2 matches :

  • 1.Shubhman Gill
  • 2.Sunil Narine
  • 3.Nitesh Rana
  • 4.Dinesh Karthik
  • 5.Nagarkoti
  • 6.Siddesh Lad
  • 7.Andre Russell
  • 8.Lockie Ferguson
  • 9.Kuldeep Yadav
  • 10.Varun Chakravarthy
  • 11.Prasidh Krishna