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CSK 2024: Irfan Pathan provides an update regarding MS Dhoni’s IPL Future (Retirement Talks)

CSK 2024: Former Indian Fast Bowling All-Rounder Irfan Pathan expressed that he believes MS Dhoni will not retire after the upcoming 2024 Indian Premier League. Dhoni is slated to lead the Chennai Super Kings in the forthcoming season, set to commence in March this year.

Irfan Pathan provides an update regarding MS Dhoni's IPL Future (Retirement Talks)

At 42 years old, Dhoni competed in the 2023 IPL while managing a knee injury. He underwent surgery immediately following the conclusion of IPL 2023, during which he claimed his sixth IPL championship with CSK. Since then, he has recuperated and rehabilitated at JSCA facilities in his hometown of Ranchi.

There was a lot of conjecture last season that Dhoni would retire from the IPL, but the hero from Jharkhand dispelled the rumors, saying he wanted to play at least one more year for CSK as a gift to the fans who have supported him for so long. His decision would be a token of appreciation for their long standing support.

In a TV show organized by Star Sports, Irfan Pathan emphasized the significance of MS Dhoni for the IPL and its fame. Pathan stressed that Dhoni has been instrumental in the IPL’s popularity and success.

“Definitely not (Will IPL 2024 be the last season of MS Dhoni?). I recently met him a month ago, and he had long hair, He is growing his hair. He is going back to the old days and looking extremely fit. For a man, who is over 40 years old and still looking so fit, I really hope for his benefit, for the benefit of his franchise and all the fans, that he continues to play,” Irfan said.

IPL 2024: CSK Captain MS Dhoni expected to be fit to play in the Tata IPL 2024 | Chennai Super Kings
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He further added that, “even if MS plays on one single leg, people will still like to see him play. If the IPL 2024 is his last season of the IPL, I would really want him to go out on a high. I feel that even if Dhoni retires, his association with the Chennai Super Kings and the IPL will continue in one form or another. I sincerely hope he finishes on a positive note. I believe he’ll never fully leave the IPL or CSK. Dhoni and CSK are synonymous – you can’t have one without the other. They’re essentially the same entity.” 

The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 season is expected to kick off on March 22, 2024. The tentative schedule indicates that the IPL 2024 will start shortly after the conclusion of the WPL 2024, likely allowing for a brief break between the two major T20 leagues. While the exact date is still to be finalized, March 22, 2024, is the projected start date for the next edition of the IPL.

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