Cricket Australia to reopen the famous ‘Sandpaper Gate’ after Cameron Bancroft’s statements

Cricket Australia to reopen the famous ‘Sandpaper Gate’ after Cameron Bancroft’s statements.

The Australian cricket board on Saturday informed that it is now open to reinvestigate the famous ‘Sandpaper Gate’ scandal and bring out other information regarding the matter which took place in 2018 during the South Africa vs Australia test in Cape Town.

The news came soon after Bancroft himself said it is “self-explanatory” that the bowlers knew that he was tempering the ball with sandpaper. Bancroft hinted that there had to be wider information about the incident which benefited the bowlers apart from David Warner, Steve Smith and himself.

The opening batsman Cameron Bancroft was seen rubbing the ball with sandpaper during a test against South Africa in Cape Town. Following the investigation, it was found that the player was trying to manipulate the ball using illegal items in the cricket field and the incident was termed as the darkest incident in the cricket field for Australia and for the entire Cricketing world.

“CA has maintained all along that if anyone is in possession of the new information in regards to the Cape Town Test in 2018, they should come forward and present it. The investigation conducted at the time was detailed and comprehensive. Since then, no one has presented new information to CA that casts doubt on the investigation findings,” ESPNcricinfo quoted CA spokesperson as saying.

“Yeah, obviously what I did benefits bowlers and the awareness around that, probably, is self-explanatory…”said Bancroft to The Guardian interviewer.

“I guess one thing I learnt through the journey and being responsible is that’s where the buck stops [with Bancroft himself]. Had I had better awareness I would have made a much better decision,” said Bancroft.

After the incident was caught on camera, Australian skipper Steve Smith and Cameron Bancroft admitted the crime. Further, David Warner’s involvement in the case was also confirmed following which Cricket Australia had to take multiple harsh moves towards the cricketers.

First, Steve Smith and David Warner both were sacked from the captains and vice-captain’s role respectively. CA further handed a nine-month suspension to Bancroft while Warner and Smith were banned for one year. Darren Lehmann, who was the coach of Australia at the time of the incident, resigned from the responsibility.

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