Ravindra Jadeja

IPL franchise Chennai Super Kings has dropped a bombshell as they announced just a few minutes ago that Ravindra Jadeja will be replacing Mahendra Singh Dhoni as their new captain. This was totally unexpected and many fans can still not believe that CSK management has taken this big decision. However, it is being rumoured that MS Dhoni himself stepped down from captaincy and in this article, we shall be discussing everything about the news.

After CSK had kept Ravindra Jadeja (15 Crores) as their first player in the retention list ahead of MS Dhoni (12 Crores), it was being rumoured that it is finally time that CSK hand over the legacy of captaincy to Ravindra Jadeja as he is one of the key players of the team now. However, CSK chairperson Kasi Viswanathan had himself announced that it that as long as MS Dhoni is playing for CSK, there is no question of changing the captain.

“Thala has been the mainstay of CSK. He has been a captain who has delivered for us. He gets the best out of the team every time he plays. As far as we are concerned, Thala plays a major role because he controls the team, and the team is benefitted by his experience. Nobody can doubt his skills as a captain,” Kasi Viswanathan had said then.

MS Dhoni and Ravindra Jadeja
MS Dhoni and Ravindra Jadeja

However, today’s decision completely opposes what Kasi Viswanath said a few days ago and thus it is being said that it was MS Dhoni’s decision to step down.
Chennai Super Kings announced the big news via a statement on their official website. The statement read, “MS Dhoni has decided to hand over the leadership of Chennai Super Kings and picked Ravindra Jadeja to lead the team. Jadeja, who has been an integral part of Chennai Super Kings since 2012, will only be the third player to lead CSK. Dhoni will continue to represent Chennai Super Kings this season and beyond.”

This is the first time that MS Dhoni will not be the captain of any team in the IPL and also the first time that Jadeja will be the captain of an IPL team. Ravindra Jadeja becomes only the second captain of CSK in their 15 years history as from 2008 to 2021, Dhoni was their only captain.

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