When it comes to great cricketing nations, there are few that can boast of bettering India and Sri Lanka. When these two countries come head to head, you can always be assured of some edge of the seat action. While India has the best track record, it’s not always clear when it comes to where you’d place your money. While an Indian victory will usually come with lower odds, it doesn’t make it a done deal. Much like betting on cricket leagues, anything can and does happen.

For those who did go ahead and place their bets on India, they’ll have been thrilled with the outcome. It’s fair to say that India’s victory was comprehensive and that it was a great team effort. That being said, some players shone brighter than others. Let’s take a look at some of the top performers.

Ravindra Jadeja – 9/10

In truth, a 9/10 may be a little harsh and some may argue that the all-round performance of Jadeja justifies a perfect 10. Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure: this test match saw Jadeja performing at his very best. He played at a level that none of us has seen before.
His first innings saw him rack up an impressive 175 not out which is the best he has ever achieved. He then picked up 9 wickets for 87 showing that he is equally as impressive when bowling. A great performance really saw Jadeja stealing the show.

Rishabh Pant – 9/10

While playing in Mohali, Pant just missed out on his century. While this would have certainly been well deserved, missing out on it doesn’t really matter. Why? Well, throughout the series, Pant played an integral part in India’s victory.

The second innings, at Bangalore, saw Pant rack up the fastest Test 50 for India. This certainly justifies the reputation that he has been building for himself as a batsman who should be feared by any opposition. He achieved India’s second-best strike rate coming in at 120.12.

Shreyas Iyer – 8/10

Iyer had a great game in Mohali, but he couldn’t quite capitalise on the opportunities. He certainly redeemed himself in Bangalore where his performance was nothing short of phenomenal. The first innings saw many of the Indian team struggling with the turn of the wicket, but Iyer was the exception.

With 92 runs from 98 balls in the first innings, he played a key part in giving India the advantage. It was his 67 runs in the second innings that took India beyond the 400 run mark and assured victory. 

Virat Kohli – 4/10

Certainly not Kohli’s best performance, but it would be wrong not to give him at least a mention. The Test at Mohali was his 100th. He looked promising at the start, but he soon fell with just 45 runs. This is not what anyone would’ve wanted to celebrate a 100th Test match. In Bangalore, his woes continued when two low balls got the better of him.